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Saying Yes

Posted by Starbuck on June 7, 2010 at 10:05 PM

Well, I finally did it. I said yes to the publisher. I will go ahead and cooperatively publish "Tiger".  I have allowed fear of success to paralyze me long enough!


I wanted a publisher to find me and they did. I wanted my first novel published and it will be. I have to realize how really, truly astronomical the odds of either one of those wishes coming true for any writer breaking in are.  As my friend Stevie says, I am blessed.  (If you want to know why that shocks me so, I guess you'll have to wait for my new fiction to come out! It's semi-autobiographical, and more than semi-scandalous.)

I know a chunk of the population may find "Ride the Tiger" shocking as well.  It does break some stereotypes; which are, after all, only meant to be broken.. (Stereotypes, to use one, are red capes to this raging bull!)  At it's deepest heart "Tiger" is not only about man's search for meaning in his life, but about his need for love.  The need for love is deep as the need for food in some, love in whatever form they conjure, and the hunger is so powerful it can exult.  Or destroy.

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